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Have you ever worked with a design agency where you felt like just another number or client?! Or worse still, after three months of waiting you get a “responsive” site that is anything but responsive.

JohnAwo is not like your regular app shop or design agency. We give a personal touch and dedication to each of our clients are special. Our sites are well designed You get thorough detailed reports weekly on how your business app or lead generation is coming along.

Have you ever ranked on the first page of google search for your main keywords, we have clients with raving reviews on how much their search engine ranking(SEO) has increased since they began working with us. You too can get such results.

Hello my name is John Awoyele, and I can show you how I have helped businesses grow effortlessly over the years.

I know how they grow, because they hire someone like me to help them grow their business. I specialize in reaching out to potential customers and clients and keeping a business relationship with these customers.

Most of the business you will get, will be from people who have been previous happy customers. And I can help show you how to improve your customer retention rate.


Create top quality graphics and software products for satisfied clients by delivering on every promise in record time.

I provide the following services:

  • ✔ Web & Logo Design
  • ✔ Web Development
  • ✔ PSD to Good-looking HTML Pages
  • ✔ Social Media Targeting and Marketing
  • ✔ Email Marketing And Lead Generation
  • ✔ Responsive and Mobile Website Design
  • ✔ Android & iOS apps Design
  • ✔ Brand Building1
  • ✔ Flyer Design
  • ✔ Business Card Design
  • About

    My journey into tech really began on November 1st, 2014. It was my first day on the job at Oklahoma State University Server Room. I had secured a job as a server room technician.

    My journey with tinkering started long before then. I was an inquisitive child who always wanted to know how things worked. I continued along a technical course path through high school and I ended up at Oklahoma State University where I studied Mechanical Engineering.
    I had my very first programming course in 2010 and that enlightened me to the whole new world of computer programming. I took a few more courses in 2012 & 2013.

    I got a job at the OSU Stillwater Server room as a server room technician, I began to notice how technology can be used as a force for good and that was when I plunged in fully. These days you can catch me working and tinkering on some HTML, PHP(mostly laravel) and a whole lot of Javascript.



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